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CICADA Co-Investigators
Name Institution Discipline Research Focus
Kirsten Anker McGill University Law Property law, aboriginal peoples and the law, legal theory, law and social science, law and language, alternative dispute resolution.
Peter Brown McGill University Natural Resource Sciences Environments of social transformations, social and cultural factors of environmental protection, economics, environmental ethics, physical and biological sciences, public policy, social and political philosophy.
Sébastien Caquard Concordia University Geography, Planning and Environment Cartography, film, environment, geomatics, geovisualization, geoweb, geomedia, public participation, mapping narratives, GIS.
Sabrina Doyon Université Laval Anthropology Social and cultural determinants of environmental protection, sustainable development, globalization, social movements, political ecology, governance and management, socialism, post-socialism, maritimes region, Latin America, Cuba, Mexico.
Nicole Fenton Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) Forestry Biodiversity and biocomplexity, biogeography, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, ecological and ecophysiological processes, forestry, bryology.
James Ford McGill University Geography Climate change, indigenous health, traditional knowledge, arctic environments, ecological trends, environmental health, international cooperation, policies and public services, social determinants of health.
John G. Galaty McGill University Anthropology Pastoralism, rangeland development, wildlife and community conservation, property and land tenure, legal anthropology, social conflict and violence, identity, ritual, eastern Africa.
Ingrid Hall Université de Montréal Anthropology Biodiversity and biocomplexity, natural resources, systems of representation, protected areas, political socialization, Peru.
Martin Hébert Université Laval Anthropology Indigenous peoples, socio-economic conditions, economic and political integration, social movements, social justice, social organization and political systems, economic production, natural resources, auto-development.
Andrew Hendry McGill University Redpath Museum Contemporary evolution, ecological speciation, adaptive radiation, gene flow, dispersal, natural selection, marine environments, freshwater.
Gordon Hickey McGill University Natural Resource Sciences Sustainable development, sustainable forestry, social and cultural factors of environmental protection, power and organization, ecological trends, conservation, environmental assessment, governance and institutions, knowledge integration, regulation and policy, stakeholder analysis.
Murray Humphries McGill University Indigenous Nutrition and Environment Energetics and ecology, integration of traditional and scientific ecological knowledge to monitor and predict environmental change impacts on northern wildlife and traditional food security, Canadian subarctic.
Jochen Jaeger Concordia University Geography Environmental dynamics, ecological modelling, environmental impact assessments, landscape restoration, nature-population relation, landscape ecology and connectivity, sustainable development.
Timothy Allan Johns McGill University Dietetics and Human Nutrition Agrobiodiversity, ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, food security, indigenous health, dynamics of social transformations, ecohealth, Canada, Sub-Saharan Africa.
Eduardo Kohn McGill University Anthropology Ecological anthropology, human-animal relations, paralinguistic anthropology, semiotics, ecological trends, Latin America, Amazonia, Quichua.
Claudia Mitchell McGill University Integrated Studies in Education Gender, body and dress, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, social contexts, teacher education, youth, Quebec, Southern Africa.
Geneviève Motard Université Laval Law Constitutional law, law and justice, identity and indigenous governance, self-governance, comprehensive claims, aboriginal law.
Monica  Mulrennan Concordia University Geography, Planning, and Environment Indigenous peoples use and management of coastal and marine environments, local ecological knowledge, community-based management, protected area development, human adaptations to environmental change, Crees of subarctic Quebec.
Sylvie Poirier Université Laval Anthropology Indigenous knowledge and transmission, indigenous territorialities, land claims, cosmology, relational ontology, theories of culture, ontological anthropology, anthropology of dreams and dreaming, decolonization of research, Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok, Australian Aborigines (Western desert).
Thierry Rodon Université Laval Political Science Northern political development, Inuit governance, indigenous education, qualitative research, joint management of natural resources, sustainable development, Nunavut, Nunavik, European Nordic countries.
Colin H. Scott McGill University Anthropology Indigenous knowledge and resource management, tenure systems, indigenous rights of property and governance, ecological anthropology, relational ontologies, Crees of northern Quebec.
Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert McGill University History Ecological trends, intercultural and ethnic relations, migration, trade, history of mining, urban dynamics, Latin America, Mexico, Panama.
Jon Unruh McGill University Geography Foreign aid, social movements, agriculture, land policy, land tenure, land and property law, development and foreign aid, armed conflict, social movements, sustainable development, pastoral groups, eastern Africa.
Ismael  Vaccaro McGill University Arts Environmental anthropology, political ecology, property theory, landscape analysis, political anthropology, development, conservation policies, Mexico.

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