Auger, Josie

Indigenous Studies
Research Focus
Indigenous studies, Indigenous research methods, Indigenous research ethics, population health, Indigenous health and policy, Indigenous legal traditions, governance, treaty relationships, history, politics, environment, architecture, culture.
Selected Publications
Collins, S., Ko, G., Yasynskyy, Y., Jay, M., Auger, J., Gunderson, L., Yudcovitch, M., & Ruban, A. (2023). Applying a trauma-informed and strengths-focused lens. In G. Ko, S. Collins, and Y. Yasynskyy (Eds.). A practical guide for counsellors: Co-creating safe and culturally responsive relational spaces. ColYasKo.
Auger, J.C., Baker, J.M., Connors, M., & Martin, B. (2023). Understanding Indigenous Learners’ Experiences during the First and Second Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 24(4), 64–79.