Aylwin, José

Indigenous Law
Research Focus
Indigenous peoples’ land rights, ombudsmanship in Latin America, globalization and human rights in Latin America and human rights in Chile
Selected Publications
Aylwin, J., Arce, L., Guerra, F., Núnez, D., Álvarez, R., Mansilla, P., … & Huenucoy, C. (2024). Conservation and indigenous people in Chilean Patagonia. In Conservation in Chilean Patagonia: Assessing the State of Knowledge, Opportunities, and Challenges (pp. 411-443). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
von der Mühlen, M., Aylwin, J., Kausel, T., Fuders, F. (2020). Land Tenure Insecurity and Forest Conservation in Chile: The Case of the Mapuche Huilliche Indigenous Communities in the Coastal Range Rainforests of Mapu Lahual. In: Fuders, F., Donoso, P. (eds) Ecological Economic and Socio Ecological Strategies for Forest Conservation. Springer, Cham.