Chabot, Cecil

Indigenous Studies
Research Focus
Dr. Chabot’s professional, academic and volunteer work explores Indigenous and non-Indigenous histories and cultures and seeks to bring them into deep dialogue on fundamental human questions. He also seeks to connect these questions to pragmatic public history, public policy, leadership, governance and community issues, opportunities and initiatives.
Selected Publications
Chabot, C. 2021. “Warring with Windigo/Wihtiko: Cree and Algonquian Insights into Spirituality, Emergent Creativity and Reconciliation.” Chapter 12 in Transforming: Applying Spirituality, Emergent Creativity, and Reconciliation. Edited by Vern Neufeld Redekop and Gloria Neufeld Redekop, 271-293. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
Chabot, C. (2016). Cannibal Wihtiko: Finding Native-Newcomer Common Ground (Doctoral dissertation, Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa).