Dent, Daisy

Research Focus
Dr. Dent’s research interests lie at the intersection of forest ecology and conservation. In her research group, they aim to characterise how interactions and feedbacks between forest plant and animal communities change following disturbance, and how to maintain viable populations of forest species in human-modified landscapes. She is particularly interested in how forests regenerate following disturbance or complete clearance, and how species interactions can be drivers of ecological resilience and recovery.
Selected Publications
Elsy, A. D., Pfeifer, M., Jones, I. L., DeWalt, S. J., Lopez, O. R., & Dent, D. H. (2023). Incomplete recovery of tree community composition and rare species after 120 years of tropical forest succession in Panama. Biotropica.
Estrada-Villegas, S., Stevenson, P. R., López, O., DeWalt, S. J., Comita, L. S., & Dent, D. H. (2023). Animal seed dispersal recovery during passive restoration in a forested landscape. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 378(1867), 20210076.