Teitelbaum, Sara

Research Focus
Sociology of the environment, qualitative methodology, community management of natural resources, social forestry, North America, far North, cooperation and self-management, Aboriginal, economic sociology, qualitative methods
Selected Publications
Teitelbaum, S., Montpetit, A., Bissonnette, J-F, Chion, C., Chiasson, G., Dion, F., Dupras, J., Fortin, M-J, Leclerc, E., St-Amour, C., Tardif, J. 2019. Studying resource-dependent communities through a social-ecological lens? Examining complementarity with existing research traditions in Canada. Society and Natural Resources. 32:1 , 93-112.
Teitelbaum, S., Wyatt, S., St-Arnaud, M., Stamm, C. 2019. Regulatory intersections and Indigenous rights: Lessons from Forest Stewardship Council certification in Quebec, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research