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CICADA Students
Name Degree Institution Discipline Supervisor Committee Research Title
Nicholas Barber
PhD McGill University Anthropology Ronald Niezen Baka Representation: Rights, Videomaking, and Indigenous Identity in Southeast Cameroon
Gioia Barnbrook PhD University of Aberdeen Anthropology Nancy Wachowich and Robert Wishart David Anderson and Colin Scott Indigenous knowledge of eelgrass and waterfowl decline in the eastern James Bay
Morgane Bonamy PhD Université de Montréal Geography Thora Herrmann Wolverine, Society and Conservation in Canada
Geoffrey Buchanan
PhD Australian National University Anthropology Jon Altman Mutant modernity Down Under: The political ecology of caring for country in two Aboriginal communities
Véronique Bussières
PhD Concordia University Geography, Planning and Environment Monica Mulrennan and Thora Herrmann Reconciling Biological and Cultural Conservation in Indigenous Coastal Settings: Implications for Marine Protected Area Frameworks
Paul-Antoine Cardin
PhD Université Laval Geography Caroline Desbiens Impacts cumulatifs de l’aménagement du Nitassinan de Mashteuiatsh sur les pratiques culturelles des Pekuakamiulnuatsh
Alice Damiano PhD McGill University Renewable Resources Peter Brown and Colin Scott Ecological Economics, Behavioural Economics, Indigenous Studies and natural/environmental disasters
Otilia Del Carmen Puiggros PhD Université du Québec en Outaouais Applied Social Sciences Dimitri della Faille Gouvernance territoriale et action historique en Équateur
Kristy Francks PhD Concordia University Geography, Planning and Environment Monica Mulrennan Water Wonders: Empowering Connections between Indigenous Youth, Water, Culture, Tradition and Technology
Jennifer Glassco
PhD McGill University Anthropology John Galaty Beyond an African Youth Crisis: Pastoralist Youth Strategies for Economic Success
Camilo Gómez
PhD McGill University Anthropology Colin Scott The Value of the Sacred: Extraction of Natural Resources in Indigenous Territories. Culture, Spirituality, and Conflict in the Colombian Amazon
Evans Kirigia
PhD McGill University Anthropology John Galaty Community-based conservation and environmentality in Kenya
Etienne Le Merre
PhD Université Laval and Montpellier SupAgro Geography Caroline Desbiens Inuit well-being and mining implantation in Nunavik
Simon Maraud PhD Université de Limoges Physical and Environmental Geography Caroline Desbiens Instrumentalisations de la nature en territoires autochtones: comparaison entre le Sápmi (Suède) et Eeyou Itschee (Québec, Canada)
Laetitia Marc PhD Laval University Anthropology Caroline Hervé Inuit women’s strategies of adaptation to environmental change
Francesca Marin PhD University of Aberdeen Anthropology Timothy Ingold The first animal to disappear will be the small-scale fisherman
Javier Mateo-Vega
PhD McGill University Biology Catherine Potvin Elucidating Sustainable Land-use Pathways with the Full and Effective Participation of Indigenous Peoples
Matthew Pritchard PhD McGill University Geography Jon Unruh The Co-Evolution of Land Tenure Systems in South Sudan: (Re)defining, (re)developing and (re)expressing human-environment relations in a post-conflict environment
Nicolas Rasiulis PhD McGill University Anthropology Human-animal relations
Justin Raycraft PhD McGill University Anthropology John Galaty An ethnographic study of changing land use and livelihood practices in the Kwakuchinja Wildlife Corridor, Tanzania
Geneviève Reid
PhD McGill University Geography Renée Sieber Colin Scott Aspirations of the Cree in Northern Quebec and Geospatial Ontologies
Nafisa Sarwath PhD Concordia University Geography, Planning and Environment Monica Mulrennan Adaptive Responses of Contemporary Land-Based Activities of Wemindji Cree of Eeyou Istchee
Katherine Scott
PhD McGill University Anthropology Colin Scott The Cree Nation of Wemindji’s museum/cultural center: links to the past, paths for the future
Caroline Seagle PhD VU University Amsterdam and McGill University Anthropology John Galaty Rural transformations sparked by large-scale mineral extraction and conservation in Madagascar
Darren Thomas PhD Wilfrid Laurier University Community Psychology Terry Mitchell Indigenous rights and resource governance in the “Ring of Fire” in Northern Ontario.
Wren (Nasr) Toombs
PhD McGill University Anthropology Colin Scott Politics of protected areas in Eeyou Istchee: Protection, development, and culture on the Eastern James Bay
Carmen Umaña-Kinitzki PhD McGill University Anthropology Colin Scott Where water-worlds converge: Indigenous responses to industrial development along the headwaters of the Amazon River.
Leila Vaziri PhD Concordia University Geography, Planning and Environment Monica Mulrennan Global Trends in the Creation of Indigenous Territories of Life
Paul Wattez
PhD University of Montreal and University of Laval Anthropology Marie-Pierre Bousquet and Sylvie Poirier lyiyuu Ihtuun and the politics of heritage among the Eeyouch
Corey Wright PhD McGill University Anthropology John Galaty Biodiversity dilemmas: indigenous rights and environmental justice in a changing climate and a relentless global economy
Postdoctoral and Research Fellows
Name Degree Institution Discipline Supervisor Research Title
Matthew Burke Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Vermont Ecological Economics Jon Erickson and Stephanie Hurley Poirier The integration of novel solar installations into the ecological and agricultural functions of working landscapes
Jennifer Gobby
Postdoctoral Fellowship Concordia University Geography, Planning and Environment Towards Decolonization & Decarbonization: Understanding and Supporting Indigenous Efforts for Systems Change in Canada
Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao Global Challenges Research Fellowship University of Sheffield International Development Transboundary conservation areas, conflict, and environmental peacebuilding
Jorge Legoas Pena
Postdoctoral Fellowship McGill University Anthropology Citizenship and planning in the Andes: Governing through science and law in the margins of the Neoliberal State
Claire Levacher Postdoctoral Fellowship Laval University Sustainable development Thierry Rodon Mining encounters and sustainable development in the North
Tamara Ranspot
Research Fellowship University of Aberdeen Anthropology David Anderson Music and Human-Animal Relations Among Northern Athapaskans
Annick Thomassin
Postdoctoral Fellowship Australia National University Anthropology Deirdre Howard-Wagner Seachange: Aboriginal marine pathways to social inclusion

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