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Independent Projects

Independent Projects

CICADA is composed of 9 research projects that are independent of a particular research program.

Project Project Leader Associated Research Theme
Dialogues on Sustainability Catherine Potvin Politics of Resource Extraction;
Conservation and Protected Areas
Enhancing Ecologically Resilient Food Security through Innovative Farming Systems in the Semi-Arid Midlands of Kenya Gordon Hickey Livelihoods and Food Sovereignty
Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact of Mining in Eeyou Istchee, Nunavik and Nunavut Thierry Rodon Politics of Resource Extraction;
Conservation and Protected Areas
Impacts of Violence in the Latin American Democratic Context: The Case of Chile and Mexico Martin Hébert Politics of Resource Extraction; Life Projects; Customary Tenure; Livelihoods & Food Sovereignty
Indigenous Confluence: the Role of Indigenous Knowledge in River Restoration and Sustainable Futures Dale Turner Life Projects;
Conservation and Protected Areas; Visual Methodologies
Indigenous Development: Social Justice, Resource Rights, Institutional Hybridity Jon Altman Customary Tenure;
Livelihoods & Food Sovereignty;
Conservation & Protected Areas
Life Projects Network Mario Blaser Life Projects
Living Well in the Torres Strait: Indigenous Engagement with Economic Change and Development Julie Lahn Customary Tenure; Life Projects; Livelihoods & Food Sovereignty; Politics of Resource Extraction
Post-Colonial Indigenous Territorialities, Cultural Transmission, and Autonomy: the Atikamekw Nation and the Forest World Sylvie Poirier Life Projects;
Customary Tenure
Arctic Domus
Independent Projects


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